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A Brief History of Val-Tech Inc. VTI

Val-Tech Inc (VTI) was started in 1970 by Roger Beam and partners in Newark, DE. Val-Tech immediately began a tradition of innovation, quality and reliability in what was then a burgeoning market. Val-Tech was able to move into its present fully-equipped, modern facility (above) in the Delaware Industrial Park in 1978, where all of our operations, including administration, engineering, design and production take place. VTI has always worked on a per-order basis, ensuring a level of customer satisfaction and attention to detail that has become central to our goals. There are few firms that can offer the type of products that we do in complete, field-proven, fully-tested, ready-to-install units or that have our expertise and technical sophistication in the power distribution field.

We build all of our products on a per-order basis, assuring that any customer's unique needs can be satisfied, and we will develop custom power panels as required. All of our engineering, design, fabrication and assembly are done in our single modern, fully equipped facility, by our professional and dedicated team.

VTI has become successful by focusing our attention on the products we sell, which are described in detail here on our website, www.vt-inc.com and by taking a comprehensive marketing approach within our own unique segment of industry. We have met these needs for over 35 years and will continue to develop innovations that make the design of industrial projects safer, simpler and less costly for our customers.


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