VTI's On-Line Seminars

The following seminar pages are meant to provide brief but thorough content relating to the issues surrounding the installation and use of our products, and to the technical concepts in the technologies we use.

If you have suggestions for topics, or know of relevant websites to which we should provide links, you are encouraged to contact us with that information.

The 2005 Energy Policy Act - effects on Dry-type transformers used in VTI products

Background on the 2005 Energy Policy Act and how it will affect VTI's UDS Product Line in terms of cost and energy efficiency.

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Unitized Distribution Substation (UDS) Installed Cost Comparison

An itemized comparison between the net installation cost of VTI's Unitized Distribution Substation (UDS) versus a system using separately mounted components for a typical 120 Volt lighting distribution system.

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Aluminum vs. Copper: Conductors in Low Voltage Dry Type Transformers

An Application Brief developed by Square-D, and reprinted here by permission, which analyses the pros and cons of aluminum vs. copper winding material for low voltage dry-type transformers. May help clarify this decision for engineers and dispel some common misconceptions as well.

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